Solutions for HR

Do you know how to understand your employees and motivate them? Are you facing the challenge of creating an excellent employee experience? Is your HR strategy directly and positively impacting your business?

We help you introducing an Agile approach and mindset into your process in order to rapidly respond to change and deliver value to your employees and business.

We help HR teams to understand Agile teams in the organisation: how they work, what they need and how they can be part of a traditional organisation.

Our customer-centric approach aims for early and continuous incremental delivery of value. Based on iteration, it allows continuous improvements and contributes to create a learning organization and trust by leveraging on your company’s values and specificities.

Our offer

  • Trainings
  • Agile HR Discovery
  • Agile HR Foundation
  • Agile HR Certified Practitioner
  • Coaching, Consultancy and Facilitation
  • Agile HR Implementation Package
  • HR Design Sprint facilitation
  • Agile HR ad-hoc consultancy and coaching
  • Acting as Agile Coach for your project and/or company  agile transformation

Luisa is a licensed certified trainer from the AgileHR Community.

Solutions for Business

Are you looking for business agility to grow your business and delight your customers? Do you know how to take care of your team and get great results?  Are you willing to develop servant leadership skills in your company?

We help you challenging your organization and enhancing your organizational design. With a solid experience in traditional companies, we support agile and self-organisating ways of working.

We help companies creating a safe environment, boost the power of collective intelligence and promote business agility.

With a human-focus approach, we support you developing a culture of mutual respect, where people can feel engaged by experiencing a sense of belonging and significance.   

Our offer

  • Strategic workshop facilitation
  • Leadership skills training
  • Facilitation skills training
  • Agile Foundation
  • Empowering People in the workplace
  • Team Development program
  • Design thinking
  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching

TOOLBOX: Coaching, NLP Techniques, NLP New Code, Inspiring Leadership, competencies framework, Business Model You, Value Proposition Canvas, Management 3.0, Design Thinking, LEGO® Serious Play, Empowering People in the Workplace®, Agile.

Redesign Your Career

Are you feeling stuck in your current role? Looking for a change? Are you facing a new challenge and not feeling comfortable? Living a transition from a well-known job and searching for a new one? Is your current role disappearing and you do not know how to use your skills and experience differently?

We help you gaining a deeper understanding of where you are standing today, discover and testing new options and make a choice for a meaningful, fulfilling and fresh new start.

You will gain clarity of your actual purpose; connect to your inner resources and find back the energy to boost your career.

Our programs are a combination of certified techniques, tools and methodologies, and they are tailored made in order to completely fulfil your needs.

Our offer

  • Individual tailored-made coaching program
  • Individual tailored-made outplacement program
  • Build Your Next Step – a six-week online program

TOOLBOX: Design thinking, Coaching, NLP techniques, psychometrical tools (Discovery Insights, TRIMA), Business Model You.

Agile HR Discovery session
Agile HR Discovery session
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